I strive to build high performing creative teams through collaboration, responsibility, honest and transparent communication, and delegation of authority. I believe helping individual members succeed strengthens the team as a unified whole while achieving a common goal.

Simon Sinek is a leadership influencer of mine. Below are a few videos that explain leadership philosophies I look to embody.

The Golden Circle - Start With "Why?"

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Who are my design heroes you ask?

The oldies:
-Paul Rand
-Laslo Moholy Nagy
-Saul Bass
-David Ogilvy

The new'er'bies:
-Milton Glaser
-Aaron Draplin
-Stefan Sagmeister
-Paula Scher
-Kate Bingaman-Bert

I share similar philosophies with Aaron Draplin on getting 'back to the basics' of design principles and form.

Design Fundamentals